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An inspection is a crucial step before the definitive purchase of a house, to ensure that your investment is up to your needs, expectations, budget and especially in order to avoid unpleasant surprises! Whether it’s for, a condominium, a secondary residence (cabin or lodge), an income property, etc., a qualified building inspector will undertake a precise inspection of the state of the property.

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Much more than a building inspector

Our firm offers rigorous inspections and preventive solutions. The report provided by Jean Bluteau, architect is clear and detailed, offering you peace of mind and allowing you to make a fair and informed decision on your future investment and thus succeed your real estate transaction.

Pre-purchase/pre-sale inspection

Summary assessment of the district
Piece-by-piece description
Complete inspection: roofing, foundations, plumbing, heating, electricity, ventilation, air conditioning and structure
Thermographic verification and humidity level check

Building expertise

More in-depth study of a specific element (roofing, structure, foundations, etc.)
Costs estimates for repair or rehabilitation works
Forensic expertise (expert witness)

Status certificate

Inspection of common areas of a condominium
Development of a contingency fund for various repair and maintenance work

Expertise first

About Jean Bluteau, architect

Experimented, Jean Bluteau has more than 25 years of experience in building inspections, specializing in pre-purchase inspection, presales, status certificates, as well as in building expertise and presentation in court (expert witness). The knowledge, the experience, the professionalism, the cordiality of Jean Bluteau, as well as deep notions in centennial buildings (a significant asset) distinguishes him from several other building inspectors.

An added value

Member of the order of the architects of Quebec (O.A.Q.: A3476), Mr. Bluteau offers exceptional quality of work, objective and impartial evaluation and assured confidentiality. He has a professional liability insurance and uses technologically advanced devices to meet requirements. A very detailed written report, clear and understandable (about 40 pages with photos) will be sent to you and Mr. Bluteau can answer your questions as needed (by email or by phone).


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