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When buying or selling a building, an inspection proves to be advantageous to the smooth running of the process. In summary, the Inspector makes sure to check the property completely and seeks to discover clues allowing him to draw the right conclusions about the state of the building to inform his client, while having an impartial and fair vision.

Pre-purchase inspection

Pre-sale inspection

Building expertise

Status certificate


A building inspection is a succinct opinion to determine the state of structural integrity and/or major defects of the accessible components of a building. These comments are based solely on a visual examination of the conditions observed during the visit. These conditions will naturally change as the building ages. No thorough testing or digging will be carried out during the inspection. Items that are hidden or buried cannot be inspected and are not.

Pre-purchase inspection

When acquiring a property, an expert’s point of view allows for the identification of apparent defects and major defects as well as elements that would not function properly or not at all and which could generate significant costs in the short or long-term and reduce the use, enjoyment or value of the property. In addition, recommendations* for maintenance work and/or improvements (renovation, repair, etc.) submitted by the building inspector will be beneficial to the property in order to be healthy, safe, and functional as long as possible. A residential inspection report is the right solution and a crucial step before taking possession of your new home.

* The Inspector offers his recommendations, but it is important to note that he is not obliged to identify the cause of breakage, defects or vices; neither to suggest methods of repairs (or recommending the required materials) and is not required to assess its costs.

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Pre-sale inspection

Pre-sale inspection is intended for the sellers ‘ owners. Having the complete inspection of a building before it is put on sale has advantages for both the seller and the buyer and helps prevent trouble or unpleasant surprises at the promise of purchase stage.

It allows the seller to know the condition of his property and to take the necessary steps to put it on the market (and perhaps even avoid certain negotiations or simply negotiate knowingly).

For the prospective buyer, it demonstrates seriousness, honesty and a desire for transparency on the part of the seller and it can reassure the buyer.

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Building expertise

Building expertise consists of a more thorough inspection of a specific element, it may also include an estimate of repair costs or improvements.

It can be a problem of air quality or insulation of your home, a problem requiring the skills of a building expert (infiltration of water, mould, hidden defect, etc.) or even a concern for energy efficiency.

Mr. Bluteau may also act as an expert witness in court proceedings.

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Status certificate

The status certificate of a building corresponds to a “balance sheet” of the building: it observes the quality of the building, at a specific time. It includes an inventory of the building’s components (outdoor areas, common areas, buildings, dwellings, equipment, etc.) that will be evaluated for contingency funds for various repair and maintenance work.


The inspection report is detailed, clear and understandable. It contains many sections (including a photographs section) and tables to make it easier to understand. The report is very comprehensive and contains all relevant information.


Thermographic inspection or infrared camera is a powerful diagnostic tool for preventive maintenance, detecting anomalies invisible to the naked eye. Thermographic inspection is non-intrusive and non-destructive.

The thermography allows to check the humidity level as well as the thermal losses in the walls and ceilings of a building, the infiltration of air through the windows, the thermal bridges, the conformity of the insulation and locate the problems of infiltration of water in the roofs and the building envelope.

Material used: Thermographic camera and humidity detector


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